Giclee graphics are the result of an advanced computerized printing process. The French word, Giclee (pronounced "Zhee-clay"), describes this continuous tone reproduction method. This new medium is a blend of art and technology that achieves the intention of the artist more closely than any other means currently available. Using data from the original art work gathered digitally by a highly sensitive scanner or camera, a state of the art graphics printer applies archival inks to heavy weight archival printmaking paper with a computer controlled accuracy that is unsurpassed in the art world. After numerous proofs are personally worked on by the artist and printmaker, the finished piece is a perfect representation of the artist's work. One of the keys to the success of this kind of print is the system's versatility. With computer control of the inkjets, over 16 million gradations of color are possible. The image can be infinitely adjusted by the printer until it matches the original. This adjustability provides the power to reproduce original work more closely than any other non-offset method of graphic printing, with the advantage of perfectly identical copies. Each print has a one inch boarder of blank space surrounding image, and is signed in pencil by the artist.

In addition to the images shown, there are numerous other titles available. All giclees are available in various sizes, and can be purchased at quantity discounts. Custom framing is available. Please contact for more information.

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Winter House  14" x 28"  

Along Guadalupe Trails 16" x 24"                                                                                   Evening Fantasy  9" x 12"  


Several of my commercial graphic works are available as giclee prints also. These prints are created using the same archival materials as the art prints, and are signed by the artist, suitable for framing. Custom framing is available

beachboys      bcposter      kodakmoment

All images copyright 2010 James Tracy